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The Day I Chatted About Tupperware on ABC Radio

Good ol’ Tupperware. It keeps popping up in my life in various incarnations. Today, it was an invitation to participate in an ABC Radio segment. Continue reading

4 Types of Ongoing Content that Stop Prospects Going to Your Competitor!

Has it occurred to you that if a prospect lands on your website and doesn’t find sufficient information to help them make a purchasing decision, you will have just handed a new customer to your competitor? Continue reading

You CAN Write a Business Blog!

If you’ve been considering establishing a blog for your business, here are some reasons why you should and how to go about it. Continue reading

Read This Now! (Learn About Calls to Action)

Don’t ever underestimate the value of a call to action. You may think you’re not influenced by them, the same way you may think you’re not influenced by advertising that you don’t pay attention to. But there is always a subliminal element to calls to action, the same way there is for advertising. Continue reading

15 Content Ideas for Your Business Blog Post

What can you write for your business blog? It can be incredibly frustrating trying to come up with fresh new content for your blog. So here are 15 blog-o-riffic ideas! Continue reading