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The Best Hundred Bucks a Real Estate Agent Can Spend

You could write your own property listings … OR, you could invest around 0.65% of your commission to have them written by a professional marketing copywriter. Continue reading

10 Sensible, Can-Do New Year’s Business Resolutions for 2016

Ok, I’ll play. Everyone’s talking about New Year’s resolutions. Here are 10 business resolutions that could very well set you up for a hugely productive, more successful 2016. Continue reading

Why December/January are Great Months to get Things Done

Shh, your competitors are sleeping. Let’s get busy writing up a storm that’ll bring new customers to YOU! Continue reading

Make Your Customer a Star and They’ll Reward You Again

Rewarding your VIP customers with praise and recognition can deliver more benefits than you might imagine. Continue reading

What do You Wish You Could Tell the World About Your Business?

In every business, there’s bound to be a gem of a newsworthy item that needs to be communicated. Has it crossed your mind that you might have one (or more) that might be the deciding factor for a new customer? Continue reading