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What Raising Chickens Can Teach You About Business Productivity

Call me crazy but you can learn a whole lot about business productivity just by sitting on the grass and watching how chickens go about their day. Trust me, I do it with habitual frequency. You can determine for yourself how much of a stretch this piece is, but if you read it all, you’ll have to agree that our feathered friends have a way of making the best of their circumstances. Continue reading

Remind Your Customers You’re There

When was the last time you communicated with your past, existing or potential customers? Sometimes, we’re so busy that we fail to recognise opportunities for new or greater sales.

Continue reading

10 Ways for YOU to be Remarkable

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker who lives and breathes marketing as though it were second nature. One of the things he’s famous for is the use of the word ‘remarkable’ to describe products, people, businesses and content. Continue reading

Marketing and Client Acquisition – Proof Trumps Promises Every Time

I recently read an article about how important it is to provide real world proof of the benefits of your products or services, rather than just tooting your horn about how good they are. How true it is! Anyone can make claims, but not everyone can deliver. Are you literally handing your prospects to your competitors? Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Your Professional Bio Should be Written by a Pro

A professional bio is your best method to tell people who you are and why you are the perfect person to serve their needs. Basically, it translates to money in your pocket. But for the love of God, the last thing you want to come across as is boring, dry, staid and no different to any of your competitors. Continue reading