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Massive Permission Marketing Fail Costs Company $110,000!

What happens when a company fails to include an unsubscribe button in their email campaigns? Continue reading

The Value of an Open-Worthy Subject Line in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Last week’s edition of the wordmistress newsletter featured the subject line: “Goodbye from the wordmistress”. It wasn’t intentional but it kind of evolved from the original intent of my newsletter; to say Happy New Year. But look what happened. Continue reading

How an Unsubscribe Went Horribly Wrong

I recently unsubscribed from many newsletters that no longer appealed to me. There are countless reasons why people unsubscribe: Continue reading

Why Would Email Marketing Work for My Business?

You’ve subscribed to newsletters before. For a few moments, I want you to think like a subscriber, not a business owner wondering why on earth you’d invest in sending email marketing campaigns (also known as newsletters). Continue reading

5 Helpful Ingredients for Valuable Email Campaigns

“How many subscribers do I need before I should start sending my newsletter out?” It’s a question I’ve been asked more times than I can count. The answer? Continue reading