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The Best Hundred Bucks a Real Estate Agent Can Spend

You could write your own property listings … OR, you could invest around 0.65% of your commission to have them written by a professional marketing copywriter. Continue reading

Why December/January are Great Months to get Things Done

Shh, your competitors are sleeping. Let’s get busy writing up a storm that’ll bring new customers to YOU! Continue reading

Real Estate Property Listings that Generate More Enquiries

If you’re a real estate agent, you’ve got better things to do than sit at a blank screen trying to write your listings. Continue reading

4 Types of Ongoing Content that Stop Prospects Going to Your Competitor!

Has it occurred to you that if a prospect lands on your website and doesn’t find sufficient information to help them make a purchasing decision, you will have just handed a new customer to your competitor? Continue reading

New Baby Prince a Sales & Marketing Bonanza

The world has officially gone mad with Royal Babymania. With well wishes coming from every corner of the globe and every celebrity keen to have their benevolent mug on TV or their tweet read publicly in prime time, a kind of warm glow has washed over the world. But as we saw in ‘The Diana Days’, it’s stained with self-serving motivations, both marketing and otherwise.

Continue reading