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4 Types of Ongoing Content that Stop Prospects Going to Your Competitor!

Has it occurred to you that if a prospect lands on your website and doesn’t find sufficient information to help them make a purchasing decision, you will have just handed a new customer to your competitor? Continue reading

Failing to Nail the Sale – It Could Be Your Website Content!

Imagine if you went into a store and saw a treasure trove of lovely things you’d like to buy. But all the price tags were in some kind of code, the staff were nowhere to be seen and you couldn’t touch any products. Is that how your website visitors feel when they arrive at your site? Continue reading

Fewer Words, Greater Impact – How to Write Content That Gets Read!

Do you have one of those friends who talks and talks, seemingly without drawing a breath, and doesn’t even notice if you’re interested in what they’re saying? The same thing happens with marketing material only there’s zero chance that the business will know if the person reading it has switched off. Continue reading

If Your Website Were a Salesperson, Would You Fire It?

What value do you place on your website? I’m not asking how much it cost you to build it or how much you’d make if you sold it. My question relates to what your website is worth to the growth and success of your business. And if your website were a flesh-and-blood salesperson, would you fire it? Continue reading

The Split Personality Website Content Briefing

During any copywriting briefing between me and my clients, I can take on somewhat of a split personality. Nothing frightening or ‘Sybil-esque’, mind you, but I need to come from the position of the target audience in order to extract the right information. Today I met with clients to discuss the website content for their new site. Continue reading