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What do You Wish You Could Tell the World About Your Business?

In every business, there’s bound to be a gem of a newsworthy item that needs to be communicated. Has it crossed your mind that you might have one (or more) that might be the deciding factor for a new customer? Continue reading

Five 5-Minute Tasks To Keep Your Website Performing

Got 25 minutes? Sure you have. Spend them wisely, checking up on your website’s appearance and efficiency. There’s so much more you can do but if you spare half an hour or so on the following, you’ll know you’ve done something proactive, smart and potentially business-building. Continue reading

Why Your Business Website is Like an Internet Dating Profile

Never before in history has it been so easy for the lay person to advertise so much about him/herself to so many people at the one time! Thanks to Twitter, Facebook et al, plus countless dating websites, employment sites and blogs, you can not only promote a business, but target millions-strong audiences to find yourself a job, a friend or a spouse! Your business website is like an Internet dating profile in some respects! Continue reading