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The Day I Chatted About Tupperware on ABC Radio

Good ol’ Tupperware. It keeps popping up in my life in various incarnations. Today, it was an invitation to participate in an ABC Radio segment.In 2011, I hosted a 12-hour Tupperware party. Well, it started at 2pm and the Dealer left at 5pm but we carried on eating, drinking, chatting and laughing until 2am! Shortly thereafter, I wrote a blog post: 12 Ways Tupperware Remains a Relevant Business After 60 Years. Well the other day, a producer from ABC National Radio rang me to say that presenter Ellen Fanning had happened across that blog post because she was going to be talking about Tupperware on her Life Matters segment. Evidently, award-winning American journalist Bob Kealing has written a book, Life of the Party about Brownie Wise, the woman who literally invented the Tupperware party. In addition to having Bob on the phone via Orlando, Florida, they wanted a local participant, so in I went.

We chatted about the cult that is Tupperware and how it empowered women  decades ago to whip off their apron and earn some money outside the home. Brownie Wise was the ‘cult leader’ who led stay-at-home wives and mothers (and most were back then) to be independent business owners. We discussed our favourite Tupperware pieces, I explained how I probably attended my first party while still in utero (Mum loved a good Tupperware party) and how even my father had his number one container which was only used for his garlic and parsley octopus marinade. To this day, that container has never been used for anything else.

Today, Tupperware is an icon, even in popular culture. It has been mentioned in SeinfeldEverybody Loves Raymond and many other programs through the decades. It’s a bit kitsch, a bit passé even, yet it continues to rake in the big bucks all over the world. The company was founded in 1946, making it 70 years old this year!

Click here to listen to the broadcast.

brisbane copywriter ellen fanning tupperware abc radio life matters gina lofaro

Ellen Fanning on the left.













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Gina Lofaro

Specialist Marketing Copywriter at the wordmistress
Gina Lofaro aka ‘the wordmistress’ is an experienced Brisbane copywriter whose instinctive marketing intelligence and creativity lead to clever ideas and help turn browsers into buyers and readers into fans!