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What do You Wish You Could Tell the World About Your Business?

In every business, there’s bound to be a gem of a newsworthy item that needs to be communicated. Has it crossed your mind that you might have one (or more) that might be the deciding factor for a new customer? newsworthy business information

“If only more people knew that we have a 24/7 helpline.” Say so.

“I wish I could show off how many awards we’ve won in our industry.” You can.

“What people don’t realise is that we were the first business to offer same-day delivery.” How could they know?

“In 20 years of manufacturing, we’ve never had one product returned faulty.” Shout it from the rooftops!

“We literally save our clients at least $2,000 off the best price they can secure for their new car purchase.” Where do I sign up?

“Our company employs a number of disabled workers, all of whom do an amazing job for us.” Wouldn’t it be lovely if the community knew?

“We’ve donated over $50,000 a year to local charities since 2005 but we don’t want to toot our own horn.” Why on earth not?

“Our CEO is an Olympic gold medalist who competed for Australia. Is that valuable information?” Of course!

What you feel is insignificant information may be just the deciding factor a potential new customer may devour when making their purchasing decision. Anything good, positive and feel-good that you can say about your business, your products or services is worth telling because you never know who is ‘listening’.

Where should you make your announcements?

Some information is more appropriate to particular forums. Consider these:

  • Your company blog.
  • A press release to media channels concerned with the specific information.
  • Your website’s About Us page or FAQs page.
  • The corporate bio of the person concerned.
  • An industry publication.
  • Your marketing material – business cards, brochures, signage, etc.
  • TV or radio ads.
  • Social media mentions/conversations.

Good news is sometimes thin on the ground. Not just because we’re so focused on the bad news but perhaps because we are worried about being show-offy or appearing to be elitist. But frankly, wouldn’t you be interested in a fact that speaks to you? For instance, if you were comparing two businesses and trying to determine which one to choose, perhaps the tipping point may come from knowing that one has an unblemished service record. Even if you don’t know whether or not the second company has the same record, wouldn’t you logically choose the one that announces it publicly?

Now, what can you tell the world about you or your business?

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Gina Lofaro

Specialist Marketing Copywriter at the wordmistress
Gina Lofaro aka ‘the wordmistress’ is an experienced Brisbane copywriter whose instinctive marketing intelligence and creativity lead to clever ideas and help turn browsers into buyers and readers into fans!